Mock-ups, prototypes and A/B testing for Alitalia website.

My final objective in Alitalia was to increase the website conversion rate, especially for homepages, special offers pages and booking processes. I did some small actions (html or css, performance optimization), and I also had to redesign pages or booking steps.

Webtrends Optimize

A big experiment was done in the 2012, when the User Experience branch office decided to test 3 brand new homepage models; the main objective was to increase the conversion rate of the page.

Alitalia A/B testing

When the hi-fi mockups were ready, it started the 'Webtrends Optimize' experiment, which focussed on testing models, to determine which one was the most conversion rate oriented. With the support of analysts and marketers, we spent the following weeks analyzing the big amount of data derived from the Webtrends test. After 1 month and a half, the winner was the Evocative model, which served as a starting point for the complete website redesign made in the 2013.

Special Offers page

Back then, the special offers page was a long list of all the destinations available on the Alitalia site, grouped by geographic position, with the starting price highlighted. The performance of the page was very bad: the loading time was too long because of the amount of results. Also, the prize information was not very useful, since the starting price never matched with the final price for the user’s scheduled dates.
My action was to show, only results available in the geographic location of the user. In this way the performance went better with a substantial page-loads decrease and a more user-centered results offer.
Another important thing about this page, was the possibility to check in advance the range of prizes for different periods, and to look at some other information preview, such as events, weather and hotels.

Alitalia Special Offers page

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